When feeling stuck or sad, asking “is there a better way?” is a great way to challenge old habits and create new ones that will produce a different result.

When I got my concussion, under doctors orders I had to spend hours not using my brain. No TV, electronics or reading. It gave me a lot of time to think about my life and how I was living it. I had everything I had always wanted, yet I was still grappling with fear, anxiety and stress. I kept thinking to myself, “There has to be a better way.”

One of the positive aspects of the injury was that it appeared to affect the part of my brain that filled my head with non-stop chatter about all of the fearful things that used to stress me out. It suddenly went quiet.  Finally, the friendly and creative right side of my brain could express itself and be heard. I realized that I allowed that chatter to overthink myself into frenzy. It was time to start being more creative and use my heart for a change and to ignore the chatter when it started to reappear. Sure, I was nice and loving, but I was totally disconnected from this part of myself. My left brain would have never allowed for a website called “be the love” or considered writing at all. It would have crowd out those hopeful ideas by hammering home all the reasons why it was a waste of time.  Asking myself to consider the possibility of a better way to approach life helped me realize that there were lots of new ways.  This website is a tribute to that idea.

Whether you are having a large-scale life crisis or trying to figure out how to manage your time better, asking yourself “is there a better way?” and being open to solutions outside of your comfort zone can help you be happier and more authentic.

Find a better way to do something in an area of your life that needs it today.