I’m a retired marketing executive, a wife, mom, and an intuitive energy healer. I was attuned with Reiki after my first son was born and became a Reiki Master while pregnant with my second. However, I did not really begin to develop my skill until I suffered a severe concussion in 2015. Only then, while trying to recover from significant cognitive limitations, was I able to quiet my logical mind and learn to listen to my intuitive voice. I’ve been doing intuitive consulting ever since for clients from all ranges of life: lawyers, designers, mortgage brokers and stay at home moms. I send healing energy that allows me to see what we can’t see in ourselves. My goal isn’t to tell clients what to do or what is going to happen to them, but to help them identify the blind spots and blockages that limit us in our daily lives and to teach them how to work through issues by offering energy healing and tools they can use to empower themselves. Through this process a “New Owners Manual” is created based on updated values, beliefs and goals.

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