You can heal much quicker than you think; just allow yourself.

I recently broke my finger and had to wear a splint for several weeks after slamming it in a door. ¬†In addition to breaking the bone, I also cut my finger badly and got three stitches. The doctor warned me that popping open the wound or any trauma to the bone would require surgery to repair. So out of fear, I babied it and didn’t use my left hand at all until both my finger and my entire left arm became weak. My entire body had to compensate for these tiny injuries to my fingertip. Finally, almost four weeks after the accident, I took my splint off only to see the scab covering what was once the stitched wound being held on by the Steri-strip bandages I protectively kept in place out of fear of causing more damage. When I finally removed those, I realized my finger was perfectly healed underneath; it was my hesitation¬†that was keeping the scab in place. My finger looked as good as new and even though it might take a little while for the bone to be 100% normal, I can still use it as it gets stronger and carry on with my life.

We all do this with mental, emotional and physical wounds. Out of fear of getting hurt again or making things worse, we will baby and prolong our ills. It’s also easy to get caught in a pattern of behavior that allows wounds to become excuses for not moving forward in life or pursuing goals.

By taking some time to identify one way you are presently nursing an old hurt and deciding to take one healthy step toward moving forward, you can reclaim a piece of your life and your heart.