If you do your best and your intentions are pure, you are doing it right. Whatever “it” is. Quit worrying about doing everything perfectly, and focus on doing it enthusiastically.

If perfection were the only measure for a worthwhile venture or great idea, we would still be rubbing sticks together in caves. The notion of doing things well or not at all is admirable but unrealistic. Innovation and progress at any stage of life requires being bad for a while. Or, at least, not being great. Replacing the need to always do things right with the need to simply do things with enthusiasm obliterates excuses and resistance.

It helps to think of things in rounds. First round, just do it and be okay with mediocrity. Second round, just keep going and see if you can do better with less pressure. By the third round, you have overcome your fear of beginning, fear of failure isn’t as gripping, and you can now focus on doing it well.

Set aside 30 minutes to work on something you’ve been putting off because you weren’t certain you could do it right and reframe it by working on finishing what’s left. A project, a story, an apology. Whatever “it” is, get to “it.”