Gaining a greater sense of awareness is the key to knowing yourself, and it also helps to cultivate compassion. Awareness without action, however, is just philosophy. True awareness is a practice, and that practice requires action.

Is there anything about yourself that you would like to improve? Are there any habits or behaviors that you have that you want to change? Is there anything you have been nagging yourself to stop or start? Becoming aware is the first and most critical step, but you must begin to take action as soon as possible to make a positive change.

I’ve had things rattle around in my head for years before I ever did anything about them. Examples include exercising, eating healthy, saving money and not overspending, calling friends back, and on and on. One day I realized that before I could begin to tackle big dreams or goals, I had to master taking action on all of the little things in life. Doing this helped me create some momentum and gave me the confidence to tackle bigger issues or projects.

Pick one thing that you know you want to change and choose one action you can take toward it daily. You will feel lighter and freer for doing so.