Intuitive Consulting

I advise people how to spiritually navigate life changes, transitions, transformations, and circumstances in a courageous and empowered way by creating a New Owners Manual for themselves. This provides a new perspective and framework for which to move forward with character and integrity that is aligned with who they are as a person now, free from past programs and patterns that have created a limited sense of self.

My approach addresses the spirit, body and mind in that order.

Spirit: Using my intuitive gifts I asses my clients for subconscious patterns, programs and beliefs that are influencing their life and collaborate with them to create a path forward taking into account their strengths, life lessons and growth potential at the spiritual and energetic level.

Body: Using energetic healing modalities including Reiki and acupressure, I clear, balance and harmonize at the physical level.

Mind: Using hypnosis, guided meditations, energy balancing techniques and affirmations (all in person and/or recorded) for deep healing, clearing and reinforcement of new neural pathways and programming at the subconscious and conscious levels.

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