Changes you will love in the long run don’t come cheap or easy. Real profound change takes time. To believe anything else is to buy into an illusion.

I’ve longed wished for a magic wand so that I could just wave my worries away and instantly transform myself into the perfect person I’m convinced I should be. Neither of these things will ever happen. Change requires continued awareness and commitment to making my daily actions congruent with my highest good. Knowing and accepting this as the normal process of progress affords me some presence when I grow impatient.

This is good to remember when we compare ourselves to other people as a finished product. A diamond looks like any other rock when pulled from the ground. We just see them sparkling and forget that it took years of pressure and work to make that stone, and once excavated, it still had to be cut and polished. Jewels are found in the learning process, not the final desired outcome. Some lessons take years while others hit you like a bolt of lightening but still require you to work your way back. Either way, you still have to do the work and maintain the change.

When you feel frustrated with where you are today, take a moment to remember how far you’ve come and have faith in your ability to keep moving forward and changing for the better.