Taking ten minutes a day to tidy up your home or office can improve how you feel and restore a sense of calm and clarity.

Studies have shown that a neat and organized space can increase your ability to focus and even prevent overspending. All of you neat freaks can take the day off if want, but for most of us, there is at least one pile of papers, one junk drawer or one bag of clothing waiting to be donated in our home. For me, I can tell if I’m living a balanced life by how much clutter there is around my house. When I’m letting things slip, stuff begins to pile up around me and then before I know it I’ve stopped exercising and I’ve stopped keeping track of my budget. The dominos continue to fall from there.

This doesn’t mean you have to run to the Container Store and buy a bunch of storage supplies and make sure everything is exactly in the right place at all times. Simply taking ten minutes a day to tidy, organize and clean will set you on the right path and give you peace and an appreciation for what you have.

Image source: Damien Newman