Every action we take is guided by a choice that is either congruent or incongruent with our core values and goals. Depending on which we choose, we are moving closer to or further away from what we want. It takes strength backed by positive right action to make us congruent, which gives us that feeling of peace, harmony and balance. Incongruence is what makes us feel anxious, fatigued and fearful.

I rely on my computer, iPhone and iPad to be in sync with each other. When they are out of sync, it causes problems, and they slow down, freeze or crash. This is when I get frustrated and either give up and quit or just throw them down. As human beings, we are the same way.

On any given day, you will discover that the brain wants one thing and the heart wants another. Our will gets caught in the middle, and a tug of war between the two pulls us in different directions. If we can bring awareness to this process, our will can mediate between the two and help us make choices that serve the whole.

Make the decision today to become congruent and consciously choose and act on what is in your best interest. Even if it’s in one area of your life or as it relates to one goal that you have. Every congruent choice and action will build your self-esteem and confidence.