One of the most common complaints I hear is how busy and tired people are. Too many things to do, but not enough time to do them. Our homes are cluttered and calendars full. Many of our obligations are mandatory, yet others just suck the time out of our day and leave us feeling drained. There will always be phases that are demanding, but there is no reason to be overwhelmed on a daily basis. If you are, its time to cut the crap.

Be honest with yourself about relationships, activities and plans that pack your days. With so many non-negotiable demands, you have to know your priorities. For example, when I got my concussion, I realized that I only had enough energy to tend to my children and husband. If IĀ overdid it socially or spent too much time on my phone or computer, my brain would freeze, my body would fatigue, and I would be useless to everyone. Of course, this was an extreme situation, but it made me realize how much stress these things put on our system.

When you cut out meaningless activities, you will be amazed at how much time and energy you have for things that add real value to your life. What can you cut to make more room for peace in your life?