It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that if you don’t live perfectly and do everything perfectly you’re going to suddenly explode and take your friends and family with you. The truth is, everything is going to be okay.

Yes, we are facing some problems that seem insurmountable and I acknowledge them and do my part to stay educated and not make them worse. But many of them are out of my control and yours. It’s the fluffy things that seem to cause us to worry, like eating all organic and wearing non-toxic makeup at all costs. True, it’s good to be healthy and safe, but keep things in perspective. I know people who have done these things and still gotten cancer. I also know people who pay no mind to being healthy and never get sick.

Every generation has had to deal with new standards of living that dictate what is right. We just have more access to information and opinions thanks to the Internet. This is why its good to take a step back and remember that you’ve survived to this point. Do your part to be a good person and trust that your life, or your children’s, doesn’t hinge on whether or not you shop exclusively at Wholefoods.

When you start to worry or obsess over things today, remind yourself that everything is going to be okay.

Image source: Maria Ines Gul