What you don’t heal will continue to haunt you. The choice is yours.

Avoidance is a pesky coping mechanism that allows us to bury unpleasantries in the bowels of our soul. The only issue is that our soul is healthier than that and barfs that crap back up until we deal with it.

Make a list of any grievance, grudge, hurt, or regret that has a recurring role in the reel your mind plays back to you over and over. Rank them in order of importance, then list one action you can take to mend or heal it. If it is something you regret not doing, make a plan to do it now. If you owe someone an apology, give it. If you feel that someone owes you one, reach out to them if you feel it is appropriate; otherwise, you might just want to write them a letter that you rip up rather than send. Psychologytoday.com has a wealth of articles on healthy ways to heal, I suggest reading some that are right for your situation.

Start today. You’ve got one month. Now go!