There are times when we all feel helpless. Whether we are struggling with our own situation or witnessing a friend or relative, it hurts to feel powerless. The difference is we will stand by and support our loved ones more patiently than ourselves. Learning to accept ourselves despite our human errors and stick with our goals despite setbacks is the magic of long term change.

Admittedly, struggling to make a change or break a habit that seems to have control over you is frustrating. It can take days or weeks to make positive progress only to it be seemingly wiped away with one moment of weakness. The guilt and anger that follows is enough to make anyone want to give up all together. This is when the real change happens. It’s not about the times when all is going well, it’s about how you handle the inevitable set backs, how quickly you can get back on the program and take positive steps to refocus on the positive change and take action to make them. The transformation comes in your resolve to stick with it, be kind to yourself during this process, and ask for help when you need it.

What you do every day and your willingness to stay committed to positive change despite setbacks is the best way to help yourself on whatever path you choose in life.

Image source: Gilles Bensimon