It’s None of your Business

A lot of time, energy and thought go in to worrying about appearances, envying others lives, gossiping and comparing. When you catch yourself engaging in these behaviors simply remind yourself that it’s none of your business.

At first glance this phrase is harsh. If someone said that to you or you said it to someone else my guess is that someone is going to wind up offended. Yet, it’s a simple truth that can free you from pointless stress and worry. Pay attention to how much time you spend wondering, comparing and imagining what someone else’s life is like, or trying to project an image of what your life is like. I’ve found that simply saying to myself “its none of my business” or “its none of their business” has freed me up to be more content and made me less judgmental of others. Try it for the day and see if it works for you.

Image source: Christopher Marley