Just Listen

Whether you are faced with a decision and you want to try to force a solution or a dear friend is in pain and needs someone to talk to, one of the best things you can do in life is learn to just listen.

Trying to solve problems, whether they are our own or someone else’s, is a natural impulse that isn’t easily denied. Personal dilemmas can inspire fear, anxiety and stress which makes us more likely to rush a decision or take action we might later regret. Learning to take some time to let our emotions settle down and give our quandary some space can help us learn how to manage the real or perceived issues and make more level-headed choices. From this calmer place, it’s easier to listen to your gut and check it against the facts that will in turn give you the confidence to make wise and self-directed decisions.

If someone you know is facing anything ranging from a major life crisis such as illness, death or divorce or simply the woes of day-to-day life, nothing is more helpful than simply listening without trying to fix. We are usually well-intended when trying to dispense good advice or a positive pep talk, but the reality is if someone really wants your advice, they will ask you for it. If they do, be honest with them about what they are going through and ask questions to guide them to a perspective that is authentic for them.