Knowing your strengths and focusing on them is smart. Understanding your weaknesses is wise. A vague understanding of them does little for you, but an honest assessment can transform your approach to work, relationships, and even your life.

We all have them. Embracing them makes you more productive and useful. There is no need to bang your head against a wall trying to master something miles out of your sphere of skill. Seize opportunities that push you to learn and grow, and pass on ones that will never be a good fit. This enables you to support others rather than compete in an unhealthy way. It shows humility and makes you human, opening the door for others to enthusiastically help you. In return, you can fill in their blanks with your own expertise.

Take ten minutes to get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Contemplating them is good, but making a list is better. This simple step will make you a better team member, relieve pressure, and boost your confidence.

Image source: Robert Kinmont