Today is a good day to program your local congressman’s contact info into your phone – Find their info here. In the time it takes for you to shoot off a text to a friend, you can make a phone call to your congressman. You might want to set calendar reminders to call once a month about issues that concern you or that you have questions about. Make sure they know your name by the end of the year and if they know your face by the end of four years even better.

By the way, be prepared to talk to someone who may not be excited to talk to you, who might hang up on you (which is what happened in my case and I wasn’t aggressive or angry, I just kept asking questions) or won’t want to hear anything you have to say. That is okay, they still have to log and keep track of every call that is placed and what the call was about. I interned for a local congressman in college and I even had to keep track of the craziest calls and requests. Like, really cray cray. When issues begin to trend, they have to report it to DC. For more guidance, read this or this or this.

Another simple way to keep track of what is happening in the state and federal government is by downloading the Countable app or visiting their website here.

Image source: Lisa Congdon