A disorganized space and a chaotic mind go hand in hand. If you’re feeling lost, an uncluttered home is a great place to start.

Taking ten minutes a day to tidy up, organize or clean can transform how you feel and help you regain a sense of calm and clarity. All of you neat freaks can take the day off if you want, but for most of us, there is at least one pile of stuff, one junk drawer, or one bag of clothing waiting to be donated in our home. Looking at it every day bogs you down and feeds the nag that lives in your head. Inaction makes you feel bad about yourself.

Whether it’s papers to be filed lying around your office or a trunk full of stuff to be cleaned out of your car, taking ten minutes a day to tidy, organize and clean will give you peace and appreciation for what you have.

Image source: Luisa Lambri