Lower Your Expectations of Others, Raise them for Yourself

What would happen if everyone lowered their expectations of others and raised them for themselves?

So much discontent is found in pointing the finger at others, believing that if they changed, things would be better. If they were better, I would feel better. If they would love me the way I want to be loved, I would be happy.

Grasping this goes beyond our basic understanding that love begins within. It comes from accepting that the best way to feel truly loved is to expect nothing in return for what you give, and to accept others exactly as they are. If you want extra credit, you can let go of reading celebrity trashing magazines and websites that have turned gossip and unfounded criticism into an American pastime.

Are you as unconditionally loving as you could be? Do you expect acknowledgment for every nice thing that you do? Are you willing to give when nobody will ever find out? Are you doing your best every day in all that you do?

Pick one thing that you could do better, one way you could be kinder, one nice thing to do for someone else selflessly right now and do it. Raise your expectations of yourself and do it again tomorrow.