Paying attention to what your heart calls for when faced with death, tragedy or illness can lead to moments of truth that change the course of your life. Doing this on a small scale regularly can keep you on track.

In life, there are events that force you to stop and evaluate your life and how you are living it. The loss of a loved one or an illness can become a wake up call to pay closer to attention to what we are doing and with whom we are doing it. Equally important is what aren’t we doing that we wish we were? What do we need to stop doing?

When my mom died at 14 and when I got diagnosed with cancer at 24 were such events for me. More recently, nine days after my second son was born, I found myself being rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance because my uterus hemorrhaged. As what seemed like gallons of blood gushed uncontrollably out of my body, I just looked at my husband and told him that all I wanted was a simple life, to love and care for him and my kids, and to do something to help others. Unfortunately, I ignored this impulse and got wrapped up in the superficial aspects of daily life until a year later while in bed for weeks after a concussion I found myself thinking the same thing. This time, I took note.


Reflecting on such life experiences with a few key questions can affirm your life and help you reevaluate your values.  How can they put things into perspective for you and guide your priorities? What would you like to do differently? Is it time to change your goals? Take the answers into account and act accordingly.