Expect nothing in return for gracious deeds done with good intentions. It’s a simple way of being of service to others while gently soothing your soul.

Peace of mind can’t be bought. It’s most often attained through actions that are congruent with your values that honor your heart. It takes time and practice to realize that being a good person isn’t about some divine reward system in which we get something in return. Rather, it’s about actions that put our hearts at ease because we were wired to help those around us. It’s why we were all born with a conscience. When we ignore it, we feel anxious and stressed; when we heed it, we feel happy.

My grandmother was my role model for grace. She never judged anyone and treated everyone with respect. If someone needed help, she pitched in meaningfully. She made everyone she met feel special and never took it personally when the favor wasn’t returned. Until the day she died at 85, she beamed love, joy and a rare beauty that lit up the room. Even the drug store clerks tatted up with gang insignia were sad to hear of her passing because she had taken the time to get to know them.

Being kind and helpful is the right thing to do. Willingly doing so without expectations or the need for acknowledgment is what makes you a good person. Good people are happy and peaceful people.  It’s that simple.