Pause to Think

Before you act, say, decide, leave.

This seems like common sense, right? In fact, it seems so simple that most of us would argue that of course we think. Some of us think we are smarter than others and its everyone else who needs to think. Some of us avoid thinking because its too painful, while others overthink everything. I fall into the later category. But one of the easiest ways to avoid mistakes, regrets and poor decisions is to simply stop and think. A great way to make the most of rare and amazing opportunities is to pause and think about how to make the most of it. An example of a time when you haven’t is likely popping into your head right now. For extra credit think about what you could have done differently if you had paused to think in that situation. Could a better outcome have been achieved? How would your life be different? Would you have kept a friendship or relationship? Negotiated a better salary? Helped someone you had once harshly judged?

This can be applied to simple requests, major life decisions or creating some space during a minor spat thus preventing a damaging blow up. If it works for you today, it will work for you every day.