Making commitments is easy; staying committed requires sustained daily effort.

Anything worthwhile in life requires commitment. Jobs and relationships do. Even habits you are trying to make or break do. Maintaining our commitments requires sustained daily effort and is the key to lasting success of any kind.

It isn’t always easy. Everyone is enthusiastic in the beginning, but inevitably enthusiasm can give way to apathy, which leads to hopelessness, and then all seems lost.

This can be avoided by recommitting every day. By identifying a few daily practices necessary to sustain your commitments, you can stay on track. You can also catch yourself slacking off early and let that be your warning signal to get back at it before it’s too late.

By taking ten minutes to pick your top three non-negotiable commitments and outlining three simple things you need to do every day to sustain them, you will take the guesswork out of the process so that if you stray, you can quickly and easily recommit.