I once read about serotinous flowers and plants that only grow after a forest fire. Out of curiosity, I googled the term and learned that certain species of pine trees can only be propagated when their tightly sealed cones are heated up in a forest fire, at which point it pops open and its seeds spread. In time, you have new seedlings springing up from the ashes of devastation and loss. Does this sound at all familiar?

When I look back on some of the most significant (and positive) changes in my life, I can connect many of them with the shit hitting the fan. Cancer, divorce, job changes, just to name a few. I’ve done my best to make internal positive strides on my own, but they don’t seem to pack the same punch as when nature or God turns up the heat in an area of my life and forces me to grow in new ways that complacency would have lulled me away from otherwise.

We can all think about where we need to ignite a fire in our lives and clear the way for positive change. This doesn’t mean quit your job and walk away from your entire life. Rather, discard what is too old and dry in your life to support upward movement and let curiosity and excitement nourish new growth.