We live in a time when we can get everything we want in seconds flat with the swipe of our fingertips. Modern man works like that, but nature still has its own way of doing things, a truth we often forget. Taking a deep breath and slowing down, easing off whatever we are gunning for, takes the pressure off and allows life to unfold at its own pace.

Try as we might to rush the process, plants, flowers, and trees all start with a seed, and that seed grows in its own due time. Eventually, flowers bloom and fruit ripens, and when we enjoy them, we lose all sense of how much time it took to get to that point. The same is true for the really good things in life. Graduation, success, the growth of a relationship into true love. These things all take time and happen over the course of many seasons, just as the old Byrds  song “Turn! Turn! Turn!” states. I can’t bring myself to quote the lyrics here because that’s too corny, even for me. But have a listen and let them be a reminder that we have to slow down and allow life to unfold at its own pace.

Computers and technology can assist us in many ways, but there is no way to cheat natural law. Let this offer some relief from striving and forcing today. Slow your roll, and let nature take its course.