Right now, I feel as though our country is a snow-globe, and God has held it upside down, shaken it, and hasn’t quite decided to set it down and allow the flakes to begin to settle yet.

Chaos is a natural part of life; one that affects nature and everything we do. Everything in life also has cycles, and all cycles have a beginning and an end. When I start to get freaked out about circumstances that are out of my control, this thought always brings me comfort. Chaos must be balanced by peace in due time. Storms in winter eventually end, and we enjoy the daisies and roses that they fertilized in the spring.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the events of the world or in your own life right now, take a few deep breaths and think of other times in your life or history when it felt as though the apocalypse was here, but you survived. Remember that nothing stays the same, and eventually unsettling change gives way to quiet and calm. A new quiet and calm, but quiet and calm nonetheless.

Image source: Rebecca Allen