When you respect yourself you pay attention to how you spend your time and with whom. You realize time is something to treasure not waste. Take a few minutes to see if you can carve out some time do something worthwhile that will make your life, or someone else’s life better today.

We’ve all gone through phases when our time was wasted away watching bad TV, sometimes with bad company. I think its healthy to have a break from productivity and I’m no stranger to the Real Housewives, my guilty pleasure. That said, I know it does nothing to enrich my life or create a stronger sense of self.

Similarly, I have so many single friends who will waste night after night with a guy who doesn’t care about them, drinking too much and then feeling like crap about themselves. I’m not judging or casting stones because I wasted a lot of time doing the same thing when I was single. One day I realized I would rather spend time at dinner with a good friend or alone restoring my sanity rather than squandering it with someone who means nothing to me and vice versa.

When you cultivate respect for yourself, you realize that your time is precious. Every minute offers an opportunity to do something that uplifts or enriches yourself or someone else. Even if you only dedicate a few minutes a day to such thing, its time well spent. The more respect you have for your own time, the more others will respect it as well.