Tiny acts done with intention can be more powerful than big goals never started.

About six months ago I decided to wake up at 5:00 every morning to go through a routine of things that helps me kick my day off right. I pray and meditate, and then depending on when my son comes in, I go over my to-do list, my schedule and then read theskimm (a great way to get an overview of current events that doesn’t ruin your day before it starts.) When I’m really on a roll I will review a short list of goals or read a few paragraphs from a book. When I take the time to do this, my entire day runs more smoothly and peacefully.

The thing is, I have to do it, and “it” all starts with one key step. A step so important, that if I don’t do it, nothing else gets done. I’ve learned that if I don’t sit up in bed right when the alarm goes off, I will fall back asleep or my mind will wander without intention to the most random things. If I’m not careful I will lay there and start obsessing over something that has been stressing me out or some clothing purchase that I’ve convinced myself I need even though the last thing I need are more clothes. I started sticking with this routine when it clicked for me that sitting up isn’t the point of why I wake up so early, but the intention behind the act of sitting up is a big deal. Its the first choice coupled with action that I engage to set my day up right.

If there is a habit or routine you have been trying to implement but haven’t been able to stick with, consider if there are any tiny steps leading up to it that can be done with intention to ensure your progress. Often these little things done with the intention you give to your most important tasks make all the difference in the world. You can start doing this today.

Image source: Maria-Ines Gul