Your conscience? Your soul? God? We don’t like to think about these things, but we all have something governing our behavior that helps guide us toward what is right and steer us from what is wrong. To varying degrees, we listen and respond accordingly. When all is well, we feel a deep connection that brings peace, and when we fail, it’s easy to want to hide from the practices or people who hold us accountable. If we aren’t careful, we can hide for so long that we let all of our hard work fade away, and then all parts of our life begin to suffer. Where good habits once reigned, TV and too much drinking take over. Momentum at work gives way to slacking and apathy. We think that nobody will notice, but they do.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The key is to understand that this is the natural process of growth and realize that we will hide from others or ourselves because of our mistakes and shortcomings. With awareness, you can bring yourself back more quickly and in a more compassionate way.

Keep it simple. Forgive yourself for falling off of the wagon or for ignoring your best interest.  Identify one step you can take to get back on track this moment, then do it. Move forward with the intent to do your best and connect with your source of accountability.