A life of meaning is a paradox between the willingness to accept things as they are and pushing yourself toward progression and growth.

There are many things we can’t change about our life or the world around us. People we care about pass, our circumstances take unexpected turns, and each day we get a little bit older. We must be willing to accept these things.

Identifying things we are unwilling to accept about our lives that are in our power to change, however, is one way we can create a richer life. There are so many wonderful things we have the ability to make better if only we take the time and effort to do so.

Keeping in mind that there is a big difference between accepting and settling, ask yourself what are you willing to accept about your life? There is peace to be found in accepting circumstances beyond your control, so grant yourself that now. Is there something you are unwilling to accept about your life? An unhealthy relationship or bad habits that drag you down? A job that you hate or a toxic friendship?

By identifying at least one thing you are willing to accept and one thing you are unwilling to accept and taking action toward changing it today, you will create a small shift in awareness that can lead to a big change if taken to heart.