Letting other people go first is one of the simplest and easiest ways to do something good for someone else.

I recently drove up to an intersection by my house the same time as another vehicle. Even though I reached the stop sign well before him he was pretty agro and anxious to get going. When I slowly drove off, he pulled up really close to my car and flipped me off as though I had screwed him over. Note that he was driving a Ford F150 with a Yorkie peeking over the steering wheel, which tickled me. Even though I knew I had the right of way, I probably could have let him go first and spared us both a dose of frustration. I ended up thinking about it the rest of the day, which sucked. Now if it’s close, I will let the other driver go first and as a result my drive is way more relaxing.

There are ten ways a day you can practice this and even if the recipient doesn’t acknowledge it, and often they won’t, you will feel a little happier, a little lighter, a little more peaceful. Try letting the person with one item go in front of you at the market. Because it’s so rare these days, the shock and appreciation you receive makes you feel like you gave them a prize. Open doors, let them get on the elevator before you, whatever it is. Simple acts of kindness are rare these days and should be advocated by example.

Image source: Stephen Powers